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Rare Candy: Rapidash, Poliwhirl, Psyduck and Venusaur.

Peter Le and Amy Kim originally had a small idea of a fun art gallery dedicated to the original 151 Pokémon that they and many of their friends have all grown up watching. With the help of friends and students in the animation and illustration program at San Jose State University, they decided to make it for a good cause!

They recruited 151 artists and randomly assigned each artist one of the 151 original Pokémon. The artists had the freedom to interpret their Pokemon in any way they wished. The result is the Rare Candy Pokémon Art Auction for Charity.

All artwork made for the gallery will be auctioned off and 100% profit gained from the artwork will be donated to Canines for Disabled Kids. This is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of deaf and physically disabled children by partnering them up with trained service dogs.

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watch ano hi mita PLEASE 


probably the best i have seen




Here is just a sample of some of my recent photo project, CONsent, which you can read about here.

Please read and spread the word around. I got to work with some great cosplayers, photographers and fans and I really hope to continue this project if it gains enough support. 

Thank you for looking!

I just want to say that as a cosplayer at cons, this is a real issue. The amount of things that get said (and mostly REQUESTED) to us is ridiculous. This deserves a signal boost.

On Facebook a couple days ago BelleChere posted basically asking people to not proposition her. Throughout the comments she noted she was married and neither one of them appreciated creepy comments made toward her. A number of people proceeded to argue with her saying that because she dressed up, it was okay.

I know a ton of people who have dealt with harassment at cons and they feel like they can’t say anything because it’s a convention. WRONG. You deserve to feel safe no matter where you are. Dressing up is not giving someone permission to say something to you or do anything to you.

This is a great project and it gets a boost from me. 

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